Saturday, May 19, 2012

A Good Day of Baseball

Although this post is called a good Day, it really is a collection of Baseball and Softball pictures from a couple of days. The name of the post describes one particular day when Z Man had a game at 10am, Big A had an All-Star game at 12pm, and then Humble Dad had a Parent versus the Coaches game at 4pm. It was a packed day full of great ball playing and when I got home I wrote a poem based off a song from my youth by Ice Cube "It was a Good  Day"

            Just waking up in the morning, gotta Thank God. I don't know but today seems kinda odd.
            No traffic driving to Z Man's baseball game. He pitched a great inning and
his hitting was just the same.
            Big A sliding into home won her a spot on the All Star Softball team. The only girl
out there in hijab representing like a Queen.
            Our coaches had a bar-b-que with no hog, while my boys were in the creek
catching baby frogs.
            Humble dad wasn't going to let his kids have all the fun. He played the parents 
versus the coaches game and made a home run.
When all the official games from 10am to 6pm were through, I got on the field
and showed them what I can do.
Darkness fell so ball time was done. We left the park at 10pm, darkness means
talk time has begun.
I gotta say "Today was a good day!" 

On this particular "good day" it was also my day to do snacks for Z Man's team and it has been a tradition for me to make gift "snack" bags, I have been doing it since peewee football in 2010.

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