Thursday, August 27, 2009

Big A & Z Man's Special Day.

\Every month when we go to Dallas, we pass Medieval Times. I grew up on King Arthur in Camelot, Lancelot and Guinevere. It's funny how you are exposed to things as children and then you start to understand it as an adult and you say to yourself "what a horrible thing, no wonder why there are so many divorces." However, the story of King Arthur and Knights of the Round Table still interest me. Z Man, especially loves knights, costumes, figurines, he loves it all.

Humble Dad needed to stay in Dallas for the week on business. Medieval Times was having a great Thurday special so we finally got to go. We stayed at our favorite hotel chain: the Embassy Suites, inside pool and great Omelets. Only a mile down the road, we could have walked, since it was so late we decided to drive.

It was great, the food was way too much for us to finish, we took home doggie bags. My kids had fun cheering on their knight, Big A couldn't stop giggling after our knight threw up some carnations for us to catch. All they needed was Salahuddin, and it would have been the perfect show!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

The Daddy Mountain: Leaving Texas

The Daddy Mountain by Jules Fieffer is a great story for any daddy with a young one. And as we are packing to leave, Lil A is hanging on to the daddy mountain for dear life.

The day has come where we have to say "happy trails to Texas, until we meet again". Another crazy move that we accomplished. Our packing skills are not the greatest as you can see from the picture. But Alhumdulilah"All Praises are due to God", we made it through!

We are moved and settled into our new apartment in Nashville, TN.

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