Monday, August 9, 2004

Beach Baby- An Unassisted Birth Story

Malibu, CALIFORNIA 2004
I Believe that most every woman(disease exception) was created by God in a perfect manner and has everything within them to birth naturally with minimal pain. However, in unnatural situations such as being extremely fearful and stressed, using drugs to conceive, being in an unnatural environment will of course give you unnatural results or complications. Woman that walk regulary, eat Wholistically, uses Prayer and Meditation regularly should be able to have a baby by themselves, their body is equipped by our Creator to do the work. Most of the complications stems from our minds and it is just about reprogramming it. The Blessed Virgin Mary had a tree and her Faith in God to birth the Blessed Isa (Jesus). This woman is one of the best of examples.
Below is my birth story written 24 hours after the birth of Z Man.

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